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Welcome to Living for the Adventure

Thanks for stopping by, it’s lovely to have you here!

Living for the Adventure is a blog inspired by the unquenchable thirst of Wanderlust. I post about the passion I have for exploration and document my travels but there’s also that important space of time in between packing suitcases.

I believe in finding the right balance and making better choices about fitness and what we’re putting into our bodies. I follow a plant-based diet and have a varied love affair with fitness where you’ll find me rollerskating, running, lifting weights, practising yoga, mountain biking, swimming or taking part in some new adrenaline fuelled adventure sport.

We’re all different but we all have undiscovered passions. I want to share all the cool stuff I find in my exploration of healthy living and inspire you to maybe try something new. Find what motivates you. And then we can continue on to the next pin on the map of this rather awesome world.

Never stop exploring,

Cheeta x