Away from the hustle and tourist crammed beaches there is a picturesque old village high up in the hills that you need to be venturing out to explore. It’s not difficult to see why Valldemossa is hailed as being one of the prettiest villages in Mallorca. The view as you drive the winding roads through the hills in the Tramuntana mountain range is simply stunning. You wouldn’t think you were just a 15-20 minute drive away from the main city of Palma de Mallorca. After cruising around a few bends, there sat majestically in the hills you will be greeted by the… View Post

We passed it by on our walk back to the resort. Neither of us said a word but a few paces further down the road we looked at each other and then back at the 350Z Nissan convertible car with the big sign on the windshield exclaiming Rent Me. “Shall we?” We both grinned. Turning on our heels we headed straight to the counter of the rental yard and were soon handing over our driving licenses. It was 1.30pm in the afternoon but there was still plenty of light left and we had the perfect road in mind. Our time… View Post

A little slice of paradise can be found when you venture to visit the the tranquil pool and gushing waterfall of Curtis Falls that sits within the national park of Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, Australia. It may not be the biggest or brashest of waterfalls like when I stood atop Niagra Falls or even the neighbouring tall cascades of Moran Falls at O’Reillys Lamington National Park. But these falls are special. They’re less chaotic but they’re so understated. The colours of the pool hold a certain magic, a place where you can stand mesmerised listening to the call of the whip birds echoing through… View Post

It was while holidaying with friends in Majorca that I was first introduced to Maca Root. We were embarking on an early morning road trip but the excitement I’d had about the day ahead was quickly spoilt by the onslaught of some terrible menstrual pain. I’d purposefully continued to take the pill to ensure that this very thing didn’t happen while I was on holiday but no such luck! Armed with painkillers we set off on our journey and my friends (who are very into and/or studying health and nutrition) were quick to come to my rescue with some great… View Post

It’s healthy to have a bit of self-criticism but what do you do when it starts going passed the boundaries of being constructive? Are you becoming blind to your own progress? Hands up I know I’m ridiculously critical of myself, to the point where I just don’t know how to take a compliment or believe someone when they tell me something positive about my performance. There’s always a ‘but’ or remark about how I could have done something better. It was after a particularly tough night at skating practice that I got my much needed reality check. I’d been mulling over… View Post

Quitting caffeine was a bit of a strange one for me as it was never planned. I was also pretty much the last person you’d have expected to even consider giving up coffee. Seriously. We’re talking about a girl here that you’d have physically struggled to separate from her flask in the mornings. So why did I do it? The idea came about when I was recovering from a pesky cold that had been making the rounds. During the thick of it with my nose bunged up and a stinking hot temperature the very last thing I wanted was a… View Post